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Welcome to SZ Motorsport

A company formed to offer cost effective race car preparation and track support from clubman’s racing through to 24hr endurance events. 
From our humble beginnings in grassroots racing to competing in British and European Historic Masters Series, Spa 6hr, Classic Le Mans and the pinnacle of British endurance racing, the 24hrs of Silverstone, we have extensive experience in racing at all levels. We have the people, the tools/equipment and the expertise to provide you with the support you need at the race track. 
Whether you are a novice to track day events or a seasoned racer, a typical track event involves a lot more than just strapping yourself into the driver's seat.  There are a number of requirements and issues to be dealt with when it comes to participating in a track event, such as car prep, transportation of car and spare parts, car maintenance during the event, hotel arrangements, etc.
 At SZ Motorsport we can offer you a comprehensive service for your motortsport events organising and overseeing all these details.The team at SZ Motorsport have a wide range of racing experience from F1, Group C, Historic circuit racing, WRC, rallycross, modern and classic endurance events.
Some of us participate in track events as well, giving us a unique perspective of being in the driver seats ourselves. This unique perspective allows us to be tuned-in to the needs of our clients, and help them achieve the most from their racing experience. 
The team are united in their endeavours to continually improve the cars, take part in races across the UK and Europe, challenge themselves whilst enjoying the racing and ultimately win titles.

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