About Us

With over 50 years of combined experience, we offer extensive motorsport experience worldwide.

With a state of the art comprehensive workshop, secure storage for race cars, trucks and trailers, plus fully qualified staff who also compete in Motorsports themselves, we provide an unrivaled service within the Motorsport industry.

Specialising in classic American road and race cars, we have raced Chevrolet Corvettes, Ford Mustangs and GT40's with great success over the years. We have developed in house, many modifications and bespoke parts to enhance the handling, reliability and power output enabling us to compete at the front end of the grid beating cars, such as AC Cobras and E-type Jaguars.

As well as classic American cars, we also run more modern saloon cars such as GP A Ford Sierra RS 500's, BMW M3's and Seat Leon Supacopa's.

If you are looking to acquire a classic American road or race car, we can locate and inspect your ideal vehicle providing you with a full report before purchase giving you our honest, unbiased opinion on the condition of the vehicle.


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